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Squid Bars Company is a professional manufacturer of Squid Bars, Daisy Chains, Teasers, and Offshore Leaders! We are located in Massachusetts and regularly receive custom orders and repairs of any Squid Bar type product! We make Squid Bars and Daisy Chains suitable for all size fish and gear; trolling with 20# rod and reel to 130# rod and reel. These rigs are used world wide by professional charter captains and recreational high liners. Our Squid Bars and Daisy Chains are proven to catch everything from striped bass to giant blue fin tuna.



Custom Squid Bars and Daisy Chains:

All Squid Bars and Daisy Chains can be customized to your specifications.

If you fish the Canyons, Massachusetts Bay, or on the other side of the world, these bars prove to raise a variety of pelagic and inshore species which include the following:



sears720@gmail.com or Check out our Dealers

Trick or Treat Big Tuna



Squid Bars Logo White

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