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Very cute! I love the Cerises line and your Totally is so fresh and perfect for spring/summer! LV Bag

I love my small pm agenda. It is big enough for me so far and I love how it fits in all my bags soo easily. Cheap Louis Vuitton
 I keep mine zipped all the time. I would worry about pick pockets and also things falling out of my bag. LV Monogram 

Louis Vuitton Handbag I love it! Thanks for sharing!

I think you can do a serach and find lots of info about thr 2 wallets.I've a zippy in vernis. I really like the inside lay-out - keeps everything neat and secured. it even fits my passport.Eugenie - also nice and big, lots of c/card slots and a ID window. The gold press lock may scratch with daily use. Maybe you won;t like it when it's scratched and dull.I'd say zippy is more practical. LV Handbag

Congratulations, rock it well!! (As a fellow but former Virginian, double congratulations!) Louis Vuitton Wholesale


It's fake. In future please post authenticity questions in "authenticate this LV" (shopping section) Thanks! LV Store


I happen to love the black mc. Personally, I don't feel that it is a " young " person bag. I feel that it is based on the person attitude and style. I would love to have a speedy, but right now, it is out of my price range. Louis Vuitton