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Every Squid Bar is handmade by Squid Bars Company. The squid are weighed perfectly to produce a straight running bar. Our normal spread for 3ft bars is a 2-3-4-3-2 plus a stinger bait. Bars with 11" squid and larger are outfitted with 200# teaser lines and a 400# mainline. 9" squid and smaller have 130# teaser lines and a 300# mainline. The spread layout of these Squid Bars are proven to be most successful for tuna and other pelagics. We would highly recommend getting a "Taylor" color stinger with your bar purchase, you won't regret it. The front of the bar has a very short leader so it is very easy to deploy in the water.

36inch Squid Bar
Main Line - to - Stinger Line Attachment
Inside the squid before the stinger there is a 350# coast lock snap swivel for easy stinger change out. This enables you to run it as a teaser, put a ballyhoo, or simply change the stinger! The last squid on the bar just slides over the swivel and those shiny crimps!
Swivel for Stinger
Stinger/Hookbait Set-up
The stinger on our Squid Bars is also very unique. Rigged with a 10/o Koga, and a 4oz egg sinker. This egg sinker allows the stinger to stay up to a foot under the surface. This allows the stinger to look like the wounder soldier.
Standard Hookbait Rigged
The weight makes the stinger "Swoop" back and forth behind the bar triggering fish to come up! If you ever wonder why the fish will come up and boil without breaking the surface, this is your answer. The weighted stinger allows those "finicky" fish to eat without making a lot of comotion.

Squid Bars Logo White

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